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Our registered clients can complete a money transfer order online in less than 5 minutes

We will only offer our services to registered clients; the registration process is simple, fast and only needs to be done once.

Why do I need to register?
We are licensed and regulated in Australia and registered with Austrac and strictly follow the rules and regulations governed by Austrac. The money transfer registration of FR Global Pty Ltd holds allows us to provide money transfer services. We are bound by the regulations set out in Austrac; one of the key fundamentals of abiding by the regulations set out in this document is the ability to identify who we are transferring money on behalf of. Any activity seen to be suspicious or potentially illegal will be viewed extremely seriously by our Staff and the necessary steps will be taken to report such activity.

What other information do we need from you?

We need to know when your circumstances change, if you move address we need to know. Also keep us informed if you change your mobile number, our text message service is a great way to send you reference numbers and other important updates.

Benefit of registration?
Speed, accuracy and convenience are the main benefits to be a registered user. You only need to register and provide your information once during first transfer. The process will also store all of your recipient's details so that next time you can simply click and select it. This feature will allow you to complete a repeat transfer order in less than five minutes. You will also be able to update any details as a registered user. Your account will show you all the transaction you have made and it will allow you to print any transaction details.
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